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Yeshivas Imrei Binah was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating an atmosphere where every talmid can reach unimaginable heights in Torah and Avodas Hashem. Starting with a group of 27 students, the comfortable and loving environment has attracted bochurim from all different backgrounds, and we have quickly grown to over 130 talmidim with over 35 rebbeim.


Our large group of gifted rebbeim, under our Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Shmuel Baron, were chosen for their unique blend of being talmidei chachomim, combined with their skill in guiding and connecting with each bochur. Each rebbi brings his own distinct perspective towards the mehalach of the yeshiva, giving students the flexibility to choose a rebbi they relate to. This, along with their warmth, energy, and bond with the guys, allows for deep personal relationships with each bochur that extends long after his time in Yeshiva.


Along with the warmth and energy, Imrei Binah also offers a serious high-level learning program. We offer a range of different shiurim for bochurim of all levels. First seder is abuzz with chavrusas and rebbeim engaged in gemara and meforshim as they prepare for shiur. Second seder offers a variety of options, including daily Mussar shmoozen followed by a bekius program run by rebbeim who possess expertise in helping bochurim break down and understand the gemara. Night seder gives talmidim the opportunity to chazar what they learned, with a focus on retaining it. These sedorim, along with weekly shmoozen by the Rosh Hayeshiva and Harav Yitzchok Berkowitz, complete the yeshiva learning experience.


Our building contains a Bais Midrash, dining room, dormitory, and amenities including a workout room, music room, and game room. In addition, we rent a basketball gym each week to ensure our bochurim have healthy outlets.


Meaningful trips and outings are also on the agenda and are designed to foster spirit and unity among the talmidim.

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94 Katzenelbogen Har Nof, Jerusalem 93871 Israel

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