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About Us


Founded just a few short years ago, Yeshivas Imrei Binah has become one of the fastest growing mainstream yeshivos in Yerushalayim. Starting with a core group of just 27 talmidim it quickly has grown to over a 100. The yeshiva has become a first “pick” for Talmidim from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. Talmidim who came to learn, suddenly found themselves doing as never before- reaching new heights in Torah and Avodas Hashem surpassing their expectations in learning and Avodas Hashem.


Key to Imrei Binah's success is a large talented staff, led by Roshei Yeshiva Rav Shmuel Baron and Rav Dovid Powitz and Mashgiach Ruchani Rav Yisochor Berry, chosen for their unique blend of being accomplished talmidei chachamim and their skill in guiding and connecting with each bochur.


This unique fusion of warmth and energy with serious high-level learning is what sets Imrei Binah apart.  Imrei Binah attracts talmidim striving to reach the highest standard of Torah learning. The morning seder is abuzz with bochrim involved in deep analysisof the sugya and meforshim in preparation for challenging shiurim. The bekius program, led by rebbeim with expertise in breaking down complex concepts, enables each bochur to master the mesechta. These features combined with warm shmuzen and vaadim by the Rosh Hayeshiva results in a complete yeshiva experience. 


Our modern spacious facility provides a beautiful Beis Medrash and large comfortable dorm rooms with porches facing the striking view of the hills surrounding Har Nof.


The Yeshiva supplements the daily learning schedule with meaningful trips and outings designed to ensure a healthy outlet while fostering a spirit of unity and friendship.

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